Great customer care

So far love what I'm seeing in the app. you've done a great job and looks like you really care about your customers.


Know what you actually have on hand

The value of this system is seeing how much food and supplies you actually have on hand as opposed to what you think you have on hand. I think it is great. I can now see where my low inventories (weaknesses) are. I can see where my oldest food stores are and use them in a timely matter.

Margaret H

Knowledge is power!

Knowledge is power!

Chuck E

Just awesome

Keep up the great work. Your program is just awesome.

Rodger P

Way better than the other prepper apps

I did try a couple of other inventory systems but they were terrible. Not this one!

Audrey S

I am more than happy

I am more than happy with your prepper app. Shows my shortfalls very well. And what I may have too much in abundance.

Ian B

I'm loving the inventory system!

I'm loving the inventory system! It's really easy to use and the barcode scanning is such a time saver! The biggest thing it has helped me with is realizing that I don't have as much of a particular item as I thought I did. Based on the calories per person and goal of how many days to stock for, I can see where I need to focus my prep efforts. I'm looking forward to using the non-food inventory side of the system very soon! Thanks Prepper Nerd!!

A Lee

I'm stoked!

I'm pretty stoked as I can now see and analyze my preps - really focus on what's missing and work on balance vs quantity. I'm glad to see you are really interested in our success.

Bob P

The dashboard is genius!

I'm finding it to be very intuitive and easy to use (the dashboard is genius!). This is a very powerful tool.. :)

Al D

Such a great tool

Really liking the tool. Thanks again for such a great tool and really affordable too.


I am loving the Ultimate Prep System

I am loving the Ultimate Prep System. The system is really easy to use and your walkthrough videos are really helpful. The biggest challenge for me is the discovery of how disorganized my preps were. I am getting back on track, reorganizing, and have a much clearer picture of what I have. I will now be able to correct the gaps instead of getting more of what I already have enough of. Thank you so much for all you've done to set up this system and especially for all your communication and making sure the system is working for me.


I'm very proud of this system

I use the dashboard to see how we are reaching our goals. It lets me know, if we need to increase or decrease on certain items. I'm very proud of this system.

Gloria M

I am loving this so far!

I am loving this so far! I am enjoying the system very much.

Laverne Y

It's helping me feel organized and prepared

Thanks again for creating this! I have been able to use my stimulus checks to get a lot and it was a bit overwhelming. This database is helping me feel organized and prepared.

Joyce T

Very encouraging!

I absolutely love my Ultimate Prep System. It’s fun to see the days/weeks grow and also very encouraging. Thank you so much for designing this! For a fairly new prepper (only since March 2020) this is a big help. Prepping can be very overwhelming, but this makes things easier to manage.

Christine G

Great setup!

I love this setup. Thank you so much!

Matt P

I am soooooo happy!!!

I am soooooo happy!!! You have done an outstanding job. This is making my prepping life so much easier. I thought I had a pretty good set up…. No way . This is the best !! Now I can EASILY see where I am in all areas.

Natalie W

Your system is already working to make sure I don't let things expire

Your system is already working to make sure I don't let things expire. I signed in this afternoon to adjust an item we used and noticed another item expired in March, so I looked down my inventory and saw 4 more things that expired in April -things I had bought last year when I first started buying extra. Your idea of color coding things that expire soon worked this afternoon. Much to my husband's delight, he is having unexpected brownies tonight. Thank you so much!

Carol C

Easy to use

Easy to use and happy with the results by the way

Zachary W

Powerful and needed

Beautifully done. What you have created is powerful and needed. For me, your system made something that felt so daunting way more manageable. Bless you.

Diana A

Unparalleled support

You are the best ever!

Diana A

Great for long-term preppers!

I have a coworker who has been prepping for over 10 years. I showed her the system and she is very interested!

Surrey S

Would absolutely recommend

Super easy to use and the automatic feedback it generates is amazing. Just enter in a few of your preps and it tells you just how many days of food you have! Would I recommend this to other preppers? Absolutely!


Awesome program!

Thanks again for doing this. Just started fiddling with it and it is an awesome program! Can't wait to get everything entered and see where I am at!

Tod S

A MUST HAVE for preppers!

I have been doing this for so long now I know there are a lot of things I have forgotten about in my preps. I will now have a fast and easy way to know what I have and where it is. Thanks for all the hard work you put into developing this program!! I believe it’s a must have for Preppers!!


Game changer

I'm really loving this system. Finally I have an inventory that I can access on my computer and on my phone. For me this is a game changer.

Rhonda H

Loving the system

I am loving the system. I knew I had food set aside but not sure how much. With your system, I now know what areas I need to increase. Thank you so much for setting this up. I know this is time consuming for you, but we appreciate it so much.

Skip K

A great program for a food pantry!

I appreciate this software greatly. Have already shared your idea and YouTube videos with folks in my Church. This is actually a great program for our Food Pantry Program.

Richard S

Way better than just a spreadsheet

I am so geeking out right now about this. I had set up my list on a google spreadsheet previously, just so I could see what was on hand and BBD. Your system shows so much more information. I am loving it so far. Will take a while to get all of the food and supplies entered but so excited about it. Thank you for all of your hard work in developing this for us.

Skip K

Already proven valuable

It has already proven valuable as I was taking inventory yesterday and entering my food, I realized i was really lacking on fruit. So made sure that was on my list when I went shopping today.

Beth C

Peace of mind

This has given me peace of mind. Thanks for creating a great product!

Mary E

Easy peasy

It's easy peasy input into the cells.

Ron M

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