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Earn money by letting others know how to get organized using the Ultimate Prep System.  You will earn 20% recurring revenue for each referred customer for the life of the customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Specifics about the Prepper Nerd affiliate program

This section displays the questions we frequently get about the technical details of the referral program.  If you don't see a question that you have a burning desire to have answered, just send us an email to

How do I earn money?

When you share your unique links to our content that we provide, your referrals are 'marked' as yours.  If they purchase anything from Prepper Nerd during the referral period defined in the program, you earn recurring revenue for their purchases as long as they remain a customer.

How are my referrals marked and for how long?

Our shopping cart marks referrals that you send to our content using web technology called 'cookies.'  Currently, when your referral visits our site they get a cookie that expires in 30 days. That means that from the time that they first visit and up until 30 days later, any thing they purchase will be credited to you. After that time, their purchases will not be credited to you.

Purchases may go uncredited to any affiliate after the initial 30 day period is over.

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

There really is no limit to the amount you can earn.  Currently for each sale that one of your qualifying referrals makes you will earn 20%.  Those earnings are also recurring for subscription purchases, for the life of the customer.  So if one of your referrals purchases a product from us that has a monthly or yearly payment, you will earn 20% of their payment each month or year, respectively.

If you are a current customer using either our premium online or offline version, if you refer just 5 people who continue to use the Ultimate Prep System, you will effectively be able to use the Ultimate Prep System for free for your lifetime.

How do I get paid?

We make payments to you on a monthly basis, based on your calculated earnings from our shopping cart, once you have at least $100 commissions owned.  Your payments are payable 30 days after they're earned and any refunds for customers for which you have been paid (which should not happen, but may occur very rarely) are subtracted from your total.  We think you'll think that is only fair.

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