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You know all about the reasons WHY you need to prep. You’ve done research and have started prepping. You may be new to prepping, or maybe you’re a long-term, experienced prepper.

Then you know that prepping can be overwhelming, stressful and wasteful. It’s overwhelming trying to remember everything you have, what you need, and where everything is. It’s stressful not knowing exactly how much food you still need to meet your prep goals. And it’s wasteful to throw away preps because you’re not rotating efficiently.

The solution is to get organized!

Why use the Ultimate Prep System?

Know Exactly What You Have Prepped!

“It’s been such a relief to know exactly how much of each item I have and where they are.”

See Where Your Prepping Gaps Are!

“The Ultimate Prep System is helping me get organized and shows me where I have gaps in my preps.”

Know Where to Focus At a Glance

“I love that the Ultimate Prep System has all the charts. It makes it easier for someone like me who is tech challenged.”


November 20, 2021

Building your ideal disaster preparedness inventory will have you thinking about the items you need to survive – water, basic nutritional and caloric needs, and

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October 20, 2021

We’ve talked some on our blog about how, actually, prepping is not a new concept. If you think about it, over the course of human

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Get Your Preps ORGANIZED now!


Prepper Nerd  Prepper

Mike (the Prepper Nerd) started focusing on self-sufficiency in late 2019. Thanks to many of the great preparedness YouTube channels, he was more prepared than most when people were storming the aisles for toilet paper in Q1 of 2020.

After a few months of stocking up on food and supplies, Mike quickly realized he needed to get organized! With experience in software development, as well as Smartsheet specifically, Mike created an inventory system for his own use in mid-2020. And so, the Ultimate Prep System was born!

Mike's professional experience includes project management, business analysis and process improvement, and data analysis. All of these combined in a unique way to allow him to create a prep system loved by so many.

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