What Customers Are Saying

you already know being organized is important

  • Storage space & containers are at a premium for almost every prepper.  If you can't locate your preps quickly and efficiently, then you'll either waste tons of time, or sometimes even misplace essential items.  That doesn't happen with the Ultimate Prep System.
  • Not knowing how much of what you have on hand can lead to being critically short of food or equipment in an emergency. And evaluating your stock levels for additional/unexpected folks you need to care for can be a nightmare to do manually.  With the Ultimate Prep System, it's a snap.
  • Trying to keep track of 'best by' dates for all your expiring items in your preps can be a huge headache.  It can also cause an awful financial loss if you aren't rotating your perishables properly.  The Ultimate Prep System tracks all of that so you know and a glance and can take action, rotate, and save HUGE money.
  • Imagine the difference of getting your shopping list together when you are doing it manually, running through your inventory at the last minute trying to figure out where you have shortages, vs. doing it with the Ultimate Prep System that keeps your inventory perpetually, and figures out the differences between your on hand items and your goals in seconds, then prints out your shopping list.

customers love the ultimate prep system - and you will too!

The reason we're offering the free trial is because we know that once a prepper tries this system, they're hooked.  They fall in love with how it makes their prep lives so much better & easier. The reason we're offering this one time offer, is to give you a chance to secure tremendous savings, for the rest of prepping life, just for taking our word for it... our word that you, too, will fall in love with the Ultimate Prep System.

How can we be so sure that you're going to love it, well we have the proof.  Our Net Promoter Score from customers after their first 30 days is 82! What's a good Net Promoter Score (NPS) you ask, well here goes: 

NPS scores can range from -100 to +100. Any score above 0 reads as 'good' because it means that the company has more promoters than it does detractors.

Top-notch companies generally have an NPS of 70 and above, but if you are thinking this is the domain of the big, global companies only, think again.  In 2018 Netflix had an NPS of 64, PayPal scored 63, Amazon 54, Google 53, and Apple 49.

A perfect score of 100 indicates that every survey respondent would recommend a company to someone else - a score that no company has ever achieved.

you're in great hands

  • Our customer service is top notch, and consistently commended by our customers
  • Support is offered by email, chat, private Facebook group, and even live Zoom calls if needed
  • There is a full library of tutorials for both the Online and Offline versions

There is NO RISK

30 day money back guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Think of our 30 day money-back guarantee as your 30 day free trial.  If you aren't happy for any reason, we will refund every penny you've paid, no questions asked.

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Safe Secure Checkout

Our website uses military grade encryption to keep all your interactions safe and secure.

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Your credit card number is NEVER stored on our website. The payment processing used for your transactions is 100% PCI complaint.

Don't Delay - Subscribe Now

Take advantage of this extraordinary one time offer and get the Online/Offline Bundle for just $97/year, a savings of $50/year, for as long as you remain subscribed.

Enjoy all the advantages of the Online version along with the absolute security and resiliency of the Offline version:

  • Use the Online version anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Get the convenience of the barcode scanning feature on Online.
  • Get automatic email reminders about your own "use by" dates for each item, in the Online version.
  • Backup your data from Online to Offline so that you can use the full system even without the internet (EMP, solar flare, etc.)
  • Your Offline version can be completely disconnected from the Internet for total security.