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Since you’re here, most likely you’re someone who understands the importance of preparing for challenging times ahead (like job loss, food shortages, or supply chain issues) … or even a SHTF situation (like economic collapse, or even war).

You’re someone who isn’t comfortable with your way of life being completely dependent on an employer or “the system”.

And you want confidence that you and your loved ones will thrive while others would struggle just to survive.


Well, whether you’ve been prepping for 5 weeks or 5 years, if you’re like me and the hundreds of people I’ve helped with their preparedness, one of the biggest challenges you likely face is knowing how much sustenance you really have stored for yourself and those you care about most.

And one of the worst things that could happen is that challenging times occur, and you’re less prepared than you thought. For example, one person who had been prepping for years thought he had over 5 years of food stored, when it turned out he only had 1 year!

How I Went From Prep Beginner to

The Five Phases of My Preparedness Journey


Buy a bunch of calories that are already packaged to last

I was completely new to prepping in January of 2020. I didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew was something very unpredictable was happening, and I wasn’t comfortable with how I expected people would react about it.

I had been watching a lot of prepping YouTube channels for at least a few months, so I knew I needed to act before panic set in for the rest of the public. And even if that didn’t happen, I’d still be more prepared than I was at the time.

I started buying canned goods – stews, soups, vegetables, fruits – anything that had at least a couple of years until its best by date. I wasn’t yet comfortable with the idea of packing away rice and beans in mylar bags and buckets, let alone canning meats!

I was storing all this food in bins, because I didn’t have a designated space (or “prepper pantry”), and I was storing these bins throughout my house wherever I could find space that would be out of view.

I quickly realized I couldn’t remember where anything was, let alone whether anything could be close to going bad.

I needed to get organized.


Getting confident about what I had and where everything was

I started with a simple inventory list in Excel, which allowed me to get 100% clear on how much food (calories) I actually had stored up, based on my family’s caloric needs. It felt really good to at least know how many days my family had sustenance for if we had to rely on our preps.

Excel Version

It also gave me the confidence to know I could quickly and easily identify exactly where my preps were stored … the food, supplies, and equipment I had on hand to help my family through a disaster or SHTF situation.

But I quickly realized I wanted something that I could use from any device, and that would mean some sort of online tool. I know some people are rightly concerned about keeping personal information online, but I needed a tool that was going to help me prep in the most efficient way, and I didn’t want to be tied to one device or another.

So I built something in Google Sheets but realized that I have experience with a great organizational platform at work called Smartsheet. And I knew from that experience that Smartsheet is used by companies with the most stringent data security and privacy needs: protected health information (PHI). If it met the needs for PHI, it would certainly meet my needs.

Also, by using a few best practices, I felt confident that my prep inventory would be nearly impossible to trace back to me. (more on this topic below)

Smartsheet is a paid service, but I was just curious what I could build within the 30-day free trial, and if it would be worth the $20 per month because of how it could help me attain my preparedness goals.

The answer turned out to be … absolutely YES!


Diversifying calories and minimizing waste (saving $$$)

Once I had a few months of food stored up, I realized that most of the calories were made up of just a few food categories. To me, this was a problem. Yes, beans and rice are better than nothing, but I’d rather be prepared with a variety of things to eat to avoid food fatigue.

But some of these other categories of food don’t last as long as canned goods or rice in a mylar bag, for example.

I realized that if I’m organized about logging where everything is stored in my inventory, and when I want to use each item by (whether best by date or whatever date I think is right to use), then I should be able to rotate through my food and always keep a backlog of the food I normally eat that can be used when a SHTF event happens.

Enter my prep dashboard!

I created a dashboard with a graph that helps me see the concentration and diversity of calories across all the food categories. It really helped to see things this way because it was instantly actionable – I knew what I needed to do just by looking at the graph.

Dashboard - Graph Upper - Days of Calories per Category
Dashboard - Total Stored Food

I wanted my prep dashboard to be a one-stop-shop for my preparedness organization, so I also added summary information as well as links to the various sheets I would need to use to maintain my system.

I also built automatic reminders for when food was approaching my best by date. I don’t necessarily trust a package’s best by date, but having a date for each food item means that I’ll be automatically notified when each food is approaching that date.

The USDA estimates the average family wastes $1,500 in food every year.

Not MY family! : )


Balancing my food preps and filling my gaps

So now I know how many days worth of food I have for my family and where everything is stored. I have a diversity of calories, and I’m minimizing spoilage and waste through an organized system of food rotation.

Wow, as I sit here writing this, I just reflect on how that feels.

It’s one thing to have preps …

It feels completely different to have CONFIDENCE that you have a well-oiled prep organization system that gives you all of what I described above.

However, I began to realize that it’s great to have calories coming in from a variety of food categories, but there are some categories that aren’t very calorie dense. What I needed was a way to ensure a balance of food in terms of servings.

So, what did I do?

I added another graph to my prep dashboard!

This graph lets me see – AT A GLANCE – where my prepping gaps are.

This is fantastic!

Dashboard - Graph Lower - Days of Servings per Category


Getting even more efficient and focusing on SKILLS

Now I was in REALLY good shape. My prep dashboard gave me access to everything I needed to meet my preparedness goals.

Or did it?

Over the course of this journey, I began offering my prep dashboard to the preparedness community. I would never have guessed that I would set up hundreds of people with their own prep system within just a few short months of introducing it.

A couple of the top requested features from those using the prep dashboard had to do with incorporating other prepping needs so it could be even more of a one-stop-shop.

So, based on what the user community wanted, I added barcode scanning, a shopping list, and a skills self-assessment tool! After all, hundreds of preppers must be on to something, right?

Barcode scanning makes it fast and easy to add items to your inventory.

The shopping list helps me be organized about what I’m planning to buy to continue to build my level of preparedness.

And the skills self-assessment is probably a tool I should have had from the beginning. This tool helps me hone in on the skills that are most important for me to focus on and develop, so that I’m prepared for what’s ahead.

Essentially, the prep dashboard has become my one-stop-shop for the different aspects of my preparedness, meaning that I can be more focused and save time and money in meeting my goals.


in summary

The RIGHT TOOL has made all the difference

For me (and hundreds of others), this prep system has made all the difference in giving me the confidence I needed in what I had prepped, as well as in the next steps to take to continue on my preparedness journey toward greater self sufficiency.

And now you can get organized and attain the confidence you want with your preps, just by using the right tool for the job!

I call it …


Composite - Laptop and Phone

The Ultimate Prep System will give you a sense of confidence and peace of mind regarding your preps. It will be your one-stop-shop for keeping track of your progress toward your prep goals.

Here’s What It Will Mean to You and Your Loved Ones …

    You’ll know exactly how much food you have prepped for your loved ones and how long it will last in a disaster or SHTF situation.
    You’ll know exactly where everything is (food, supplies, and equipment!), from whatever device you have with you.
    You’ll know how to diversify and balance your food preps (find and fill those gaps!).
  • SAVE $$$
    You’ll minimize food waste (saving up to $1500 per year!).
    You’ll know exactly what skills you need to work on to be prepared and can track your progress.
  • And a whole lot more!

Get the PEACE OF MIND of being truly organized about your preparedness.

Get Your Preps Organized
And Gain Confidence and Peace of Mind

No Matter Why You Prep …
Getting Organized is the Key
To Being Truly Prepared.

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Here’s What You Get

Composite - Laptop and Phone

Your Own Prep Dashboard

Easily identify at-a-glance where you need to focus your time and money in order to meet your prep goals. This is your prepping one-stop-shop. (valued at $49 per year)

Food Inventory

Food, Supplies, and Equipment Inventory

You’ll have your own inventory sheets, customized based on your own personal preferences. Quickly and easily manage your inventories with a familiar and intuitive interface in the sheet or a simple form.

  • Track food by calories, servings and weight
  • Print out inventory sheets (or labels) for specific storage areas, container names, categories, and more
  • Sort your inventory lists however you like

(valued at $29 per year)

Automatic Date Reminders

You can (optionally) have the system email you in advance when the Best By Date of an item is approaching. You can even select how far in advance you want to be reminded.

Prep Shopping List

Keep your shopping list organized with all your other prep information. Keep a single list and then easily filter by the store you're heading out to and see what you need to pick up for your preps, how much you've budgeted to pay, and more.

Prep Skills Self-Assessment

Quickly identify the preparedness skills you need to make a top priority to develop and practice. Includes a full list of recommended skills to choose from. (valued at $19 per year)

Insurance and Warranties Tracker

Easily track information so that you’re able to quickly get reimbursed in the case of a disaster to your home. Easily track all warranty information in one place to avoid costly repair or replacement expenses. (valued at $19 per year)

Use on PC, Mac, Tablet, and Smartphone

Have access to your preps anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device you have with you. The information syncs to all your devices automatically. (valued at $29 per year)

Barcode Scanning

Easily add food to your inventory by scanning the bar code on the package. This is a BIG time saver! (valued at $39 per year)

Automatic Backups

Since we’re prepping for a situation when power may not be available, you get the ability to set automatic backups of your prep inventory sheets that are emailed to you as often as you like. (valued at $29 per year)

Video Training Series

You’ll have access to my full library of training videos to help you get started quickly and make the most of your Ultimate Prep System. (valued at $29 per year)

Friendly and Prompt Support

I am here to help you succeed in meeting your preparedness goals. I’m available any day of the week, and will answer your questions within 24 hours. ( priceless :) )

Total Value: $860 per year!

Yours Today For a SMALL FRACTION of that cost

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Because you are a first-time customer, when you get started with your own Ultimate Prep System today, I’ll also throw in these additional bonuses at no additional charge.

All Future Enhancements

($49 Value Per Year)

You’ll be eligible to receive ALL updates and enhancements as soon as they’re released, based on the community’s voting on feature ideas.

1 on 1 Support

($49 Value Per Year)

My goal is to help you meet your goals. So if the Ultimate Prep System isn’t completely intuitive and easy to use, even if you’re a “non-techie”, and the video training and email support are not helping, we can schedule a Zoom call and I will personally walk you through how to get up and running!

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Money Back Guarantee

My 100% Money-Back Confidence Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely love the confidence you’ll gain with your Ultimate Prep System! In fact, you’ll be completely thrilled and motivated in the first 30 days, or I’ll send back every penny you paid.

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Your Purchase Options

Basic ONLINE Version 


Our most affordable version to organize your preps. Price locked in for life.


  • Food Inventory
  • Supplies Inventory
  • Prep Dashboard
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Skills Readiness
  • Insurance & Warranties
  • Shopping List
  • Premium Support
  • Use From Any Device
  • Requires Internet
Premium ONLINE Version 


Our best version. This is a complete preparedness system. Price locked in for life.


  • Food Inventory
  • Supplies Inventory
  • Prep Dashboard
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Skills Readiness
  • Insurance & Warranties
  • Shopping List
  • Premium Support
  • Use From Any Device
  • Requires Internet
Premium OFFLINE Version 


Our most secure & resilient version. Never needs to touch the internet. Price locked in for life.


  • Food Inventory
  • Supplies Inventory
  • Prep Dashboard
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Skills Readiness
  • Insurance & Warranties
  • Shopping List
  • Premium Support
  • Windows or Mac
  • Use Without Internet


Our most capable combination. Premium support included. Price locked in for life.


  • Food Inventory
  • Supplies Inventory
  • Prep Dashboard
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Skills Readiness
  • Insurance & Warranties
  • Shopping List
  • Premium Support
  • Use From Any Device
  • Use Without Internet

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work for me if I'm a non-techie?

Many of the hundreds of people that I’ve helped with The Ultimate Prep System would claim to be “non-techies”. You can see some of their feedback in the testimonials above.

If, for any reason, the video walk-throughs and my personal email support don’t help you get started, I am including a 1 on 1 Zoom call exclusive with this offer.

Will it work on MY device?

The Ultimate Prep System works on any modern browser and has a complementary app available. So, you’re able to use it on your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device.

What happens if the SHTF and/or there is no Internet??

The Ultimate Prep System is the best tool for the process of prepping. SHTF is a different scenario, and if internet is down, then there's a good likelihood electricity is down.

The Ultimate Prep System gives you the ability to set up automated exports / backups of your food/supply inventories, which can be emailed to you as often as you like. I print mine out every other week so I have a hard copy in case of SHTF, and I'll have all my info at my fingertips.

Why do you charge an annual subscription fee?

The annual subscription fee contributes toward covering the cost of the significant annual fee that I have to pay to Smartsheet to make this system available to you.

Also, I include support and upgrades, which all require time on an ongoing basis to provide to you.

What happens once I purchase?

After completing your purchase, you’ll be sent an email with a link to a simple form where you’ll fill in your preferences.

These are things like:
– Do you want to track best by dates?
– What categories do you want to use for your food?
– Do you want to track what room your prep items are in?
– Etc …

Once you submit your preferences, I get you all set up with your Ultimate Prep System. This can take 1-2 days depending on how many orders are in the queue, but sometimes it can take as little as an hour.

Once I have set you up, you’ll receive an email with a link to your Dashboard, which contains all the other links you’ll need, including links to your inventory sheets, a getting started playlist on YouTube, a link to provide feedback, etc.

And now you’re off and running! You have access to me for questions and support any day of the week and I usually respond within 24 hours, sometimes even right away.

Can I share my Ultimate Prep System with family?

You can share with whoever you like, and as many people as you like. You can provide them with read-only access, as well as edit access with or without sharing permission.

How can I be confident that my information is private and secure?

There are a few reasons that you can be confident in the privacy and security of the Ultimate Prep System.

1. It’s built on a platform (Smartsheet) that’s used by large companies to store protected health information (PHI), which has extremely large regulatory consequences for any type of data breach.

2. Smartsheet is a publicly traded company, and uses industry standards for security and privacy.

3. Smartsheet is considered a “no look platform”, meaning that they can’t view data contained in its platform without explicit consent from the account owner (which I would never give if it would expose anyone’s data, as covered in my privacy policy).

What best practices can ensure that my information is private?

There are a few best practices that can help you ensure privacy.

1) Use a separate, non-self-identifying email address created just for subscribing to and accessing the Ultimate Prep System.

2) Use a pseudonym in all interactions with me.

3) Arrange payment in such a way as to keep your identity and physical location secret. Based on current options, this would mean using a credit card (which is processed by Stripe who does not share your name with me), or use PayPal and ensure your account name is not your real name (because PayPal shares your account name with sellers you buy from with PayPal).

4) Set privacy controls on your computer so that your physical location cannot be discovered (or at least cannot be easily discovered) when you go online. For example, set up a VPN and only access the Ultimate Prep System through it.

5) Use “code words”, that only you and your family would know, to describe any sensitive prepping items. For example, you could list your high capacity magazines as Halloween decorations, or something equally innocuous.

6) List preps in an amount that is a fraction, for example 1/4th, of the actual amount you have. That is, if you actually have 4 buckets of rice in storage, you could list just 1 bucket, knowing that when you print out a copy of your inventory list, you would automatically multiply all the amounts shown on that list by 4.

What if I already have an inventory? Is it easy to migrate that data into this system?

YES! The system’s inventory sheets are very similar to MS Excel, and you can copy-paste information into cells as needed.

If your inventory is far different in structure, or you just need some help, I can offer you a data migration service for a fair price.

What happens if I have to unsubscribe at some point? Do I lose my info?

Absolutely not! Your data is 100% yours. You are able to export any data from your system to PDF or Excel or comma separated values (CSV) file at any time. You can even set up automatic backups (exports) of your inventory to be sent to you via email on a recurring basis.

Get Your Preps Organized Today!